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"Cynthia led the core conversion. She created a team that was focused and dedicated to a smooth and successful conversion. Her wisdom and experience are invaluable."

-- Post Project Performance Evaluation

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As the Human Resources and Marketing VP for Star Bank, I am pleased to endorse Cync Up. Cynthia Buettner, founder of Cync Up, effectively engaged our employees and customers throughout our recent core banking implementation. Her skills as a project manager and experienced marketing communicator ensured success of the roll out of new online banking and bill pay systems, a new core system, new mobile app, and new debit cards. She guided our employees through the complex multi-project implementation and managed all of the details and deadlines. I really enjoyed working with Cynthia – she is top notch. If you are considering a technology project, I recommend you give Cync Up the opportunity to serve as your Project Manager.

-- K. Incantalupo, VP Human Resources and Marketing

Star Bank

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New technology should improve your bottom line and improve the customer experience.  Cync Up is here to ensure that your next technology project delivers just what the sales person promised! Cync Up provides technology project implementation support for billing, core banking, online banking, banking apps and customer service operating systems across several industries. The primary objective of Cync Up’s work is to optimize the software in order to achieve operating efficiencies that save financial resources, time resources, and are seamless to customers. Customer satisfaction and employee engagement improvement and enhancements are key to Cync Up's project management philosophy.

Replacing core operating systems is the largest technology investment a bank or credit union will undertake. The project can be disruptive to any organization. Cync Up provides the experience and financial industry knowledge that decreases disruption by providing coordination of the technical issues across all business functions and units. While directing the activities, both inside and outside the organization, Cync Up professionals will address the change management and communication issues that are critical during a system conversion.

Cync Up will help you navigate project scope, schedule and budget through clear communication and an understanding of your organization’s requirements. We will assist you as you make critical decisions during the project while managing scope creep and maintaining budgetary estimates. All the while we will keep communication flowing across your institution.

Using a value-driven project management process, change management is incorporated into the project's implementation. Accountable roles with time-certain deadlines accompanied by regular and consistent communication will lead to a smoother implementation throughout the organization. Monitoring project progress alongside business metrics provides measurement of the efficiencies to be gained through the new software.

Post project evaluations and fine-tuning are completed and used to enhance the organization's capabilities and improve the customer experience.

Star Bank client of Cync Up LLC

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