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Cync Up is a technology and marketing consulting business partner, with over 25 years of marketing and communications experience.  We sync up the customer experience with your corporate purpose implemented through technology, brand, digital marketing and social strategy. 

Cynthia Ruma-Buettner is the owner and founder of Cync Up, LLC a marketing and technology company dedicated to helping companies maximize their technology investments in order to create an excellent customer experience and drive sales. Cynthia works with companies across many industries on technology implementation projects, marketing through e-commerce, online, digital and social channels and creating brands that promise AND deliver exceptional customer service. 

Cynthia has served as Senior Vice President at a $780 million credit union with responsibilities for IT, Marketing, Facilities, Regulatory Compliance and Cards as well as led Customer Service Operations for a $3 billion public utility. In these roles, Cynthia served as project lead for two statement redesign projects, two core system implementations, and the launch of multiple mobile and tablet apps to enhance transaction experience and convenience. She has been involved with creating strategies to enhance online application use and delivering services in the lowest cost channels with the highest customer satisfaction. 

Since 2011, Cynthia has brought the experience and knowledge gained through her career to other businesses through Cync Up, LLC. Cync Up, LLC has served clients in the medical, financial, retail and arts communities. By linking technology with sales and revenue goals Cync Up, LLC has been able to drive growth for clients and support their business objectives.