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“Based on Cindy’s variety of contributions over the past several months, I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend her for any company seeking to grow their marketing presence. She is professional, polite, methodical, strategic, and data driven.”  --  Owner, U.S. Bridge

U.S. Bridge

Inbound marketing automation & Qualified lead generation


After organizational adjustments resulted in a vacancy in U.S. Bridge’s marketing department, they needed help auditing their newly deployed marketing automation technology, Hubspot, along with developing marketing strategies and campaigns to generate qualified leads.  U.S. Bridge hired Cync Up to help with this initiative.  Cindy Kimpson led the efforts and helped U.S. Bridge successfully grow their lead generating funnel while also nurturing the potential customers in order to support sales activities.


Cync Up’s Cindy Kimpson analyzed the existing implementation of the marketing automation tool (Hubspot) and established a lengthy actionable items list of marketing and sales opportunities.  Together with the U.S. Bridge leaders, they immediately began the process of remedying disconnects and implementing thoughtful and meaningful marketing campaigns. The tactics and actions drove successful changes that have yielded marketing clarity and brought in new leads in a short amount of time.  


At Cync Up we understand and appreciate big picture marketing, yet are fully aware of tactical initiatives required for success.  Along with a new contact strategy, new email campaigns tied to campaign specific landing pages, Cindy created several workflows to help nurture leads and to help the sales reps engage with the new leads in a timely and consistent manner.  In addition, when tasked with implementing a “Live Chat” interface on the U.S. Bridge website, Cindy rose to the occasion and within a short time frame had this component installed along with operating guidance for internal communication.


After working with Cync Up, U.S. Bridge now has a contact strategy that connects them with their customers at the right time, on the right screen and with the right message.  U.S. Bridge has seen an increase in web traffic, contact engagement and qualified incoming leads.  They also now receive monthly reporting of the important metrics to monitor their efforts and report to the board and executive team.  

In the Requirement's Metrics, they have seen the following improvements:

Increase in leads - 36% increase in leads (July-Aug, over May-Jun)

Increase in website visits (9% increase in page views in just 30 days)

Email metrics - 218% increase in clicks between Jul/Aug and from Jan-Jun 2017

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